Adam's Habanero Road Bike

I love this bike! It replaced a 1999 Schwinn SuperSport (a decent bike for its price too). It has very, very little flex in the bottom bracket, which is super-nice (my Schwinn was a bit noodley in the BB), the price is right ($695 frame only), and the weight is right too (the whole bike weighs around 18lbs in a 54cm size). I like that its not painted, so I don't need to worry about chipping the paint (a concern with my cherry-red Schwinn).

Mark, the proprietor of Habanero Cycles, was a pleasure to work with, and gave me detailed instructions on how to measure myself and then-current bike to determine the best frame size (and stem length/angle). When the bike arrived the weekend before the '01 Death Ride, it was ready to roll after just a little bit of assembly. I was initially a little concerned about buying an expensive bike mailorder, but those fears proved unfounded, as the bike fits me very well. I suppose if you don't know exactly what dimensions you want/need in a bike it could be a problem, but it wasn't for me!

The only problem I've had is the seatpost clamp broke on the '02 Davis Double, presumably due to all of the weight hanging off the back of the seat. I'm planning on swapping the Xlab bottle holder for the Profile one, which mounts to the seatpost rather than the saddle rails.

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